Analytical services

Our high throughput workflow includes three automated and debottlenecked polymer characterization techniques, through which we offer the analytical services listed below (also for 3rd-party samples).

In addition the the techniques listed below, more characterization services (physical, microscopical and rheological) can be provided on request through our industrial and academic partners.

For more information about our analytical services, please contact or Luca Rongo ( / +39 388 255 9312).

  • Reduced analysis time and high throughput characterization output thanks to the presence of an autosampler and of an high temperature cryoprobe
  • Tacticity measurement for homopolymers of α-olefin, with steric pentad/heptad distribution (or higher resolution)
  • Copolymer analysis, with quantification of comonomer amount and sequence distribution
  • Analysis of complex PO blends (multilayer materials, high impact PP, etc.) with fraction quantification, comonomer composition and tacticity measurement (where applicable)
  • Analysis of PO-based copolymers containing functional groups, with comonomer identification and quantification and tacticity measurement (where applicable)
  • Equipped with a set of two columns (Agilent PLgel MIXED-B) and infrared detector (PolymerChar IR4)
  • Determination of MWD parameters (Mn, Mw, Mz, PDI) based on universal PS calibration (1.25-3150 KDa) 
  • Great sensitivity (typical sample concentrations are (0.3-1.0 mg/mL) with minimum analysis time (13 min), ensuring throughput and data quality 
  • Embedded within an automated sample preparation station, equipped with 2 robotic arms for running 24/7 operations 
  • Determination of the CCD, by eluting sample solutions under  fully customizable temperature-gradients methods
  • Quantification of the soluble fraction 
  • Compositional (-CH3/1000C) and viscometer (IV) measurements along the CCD (under temperature-gradient conditions) or for the bulk solution (under isothermal conditions)
  • Equipped with a robotic needle and autosampler, allowing unattended 24/7 operations (minimum 24 samples/day)
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