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Xplore is a high-tech company based in Naples offering comprehensive scientific and technology services linked to the development and application of High Throughput Screening (HTS) techniques to polyolefin catalysis.

Our scientific services, including catalyst screening and molecular polymer characterizations, are based on the sapient utilization of HTS tools and methods, enhanced by our intimate connection with the academic group LSP (led by Prof. Vincenzo Busico), thus creating a unique service offer for our customers of superior scientific quality.  

On the technical side, we developed and acquired overtime an incommensurable know-how on the maintenance, development, testing and validation of High- and Medium Throughput platforms, which makes us ideal partner to assist and take care of polyolefin workflows of a similar complexity.

On the other hand, our structural synergy with Norner AS enables our customers to access their long-term experience in catalyst and product development at bench- and pilot scale, which complement perfectly with our miniaturized experimental scale, resulting into a fully integrated workflow which addresses each step of the polymer value chain with multiscale approaches.

Xplore is a privately held limited liability company established in January 2013 (with the original name of HTExplore), founded by Prof. Vincenzo Busico (picture aside) and Prof. Roberta Cipullo.

It originated with the status of Academic Spin-off of the Federico II University of Naples, based on the clever intuition to offer to catalyst and polymer producers commercial services linked to the utilization of High Throughput Screening (HTS) technologies for catalyst screening, process optimization and product development.

Although it started from a relatively basic HTS workflow (PPR, GPC and off-line integration with a 400MhZ Bruker NMR), the top level scientific reputation of the founders, combined with proven track records of successful application of HTS to study olefin polymerization processes, created an immediate market request for those services. This, in turn, enabled the expansion and consolidations of the workflow with the addition of a Polymer Char's CEF and the upgrade of the NMR with an high temperature cryoprobe and an autosampler.  

In the period 2013-2020, Xplore served major petrochemical companies as well as medium-size and R&D organizations, successfully delivering on >90 projects (~28˙000 polymerizations and ~22˙000 polymer analysis).

In December 2020, Xplore was taken over at 100% by SCG Chemicals, as part of the SCG Chemicals acquisition process of R&D excellence providers in the PO industry. The adoption of an armlength operational model from the shareholders, in turn, allows Xplore to maintain its independency as preferred provider of High Throughput Screening service for polyolefin and catalyst producers.

Since 2021, Xplore has a structural synergy with Norner AS, through which the two companies create a unique combined service portfolio for the entire PO-value chain (news here). In particular, the unification of the two workflows creates a streamlined and highly integrated workflow which enables efficient, reliable and market relevant catalyst- and polymer development services.

Xplore is based in Naples (ITA), having its operational site in the Department of Chemical Sciences (picture aside) of Monte S. Angelo.

Historically, this is a reflection of the fact that Xplore was born as academic spin-off of the research group LSP (Laboratory of Stereoselctive Polymerization) led by Prof. Vincenzo Busico with whom the company still has a structural synergy. Thanks to this strategic location, Xplore has access to top level academic competences and experimental resources.

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