Our HTS workflow

The workflow is centered around two PPR-48 platforms, well-established HTS platforms to carry out olefin polymerization experiments in slurry or solution conditions and semi-batch mode, with the main gaseous monomer fed on-demand based on an accurate pressure control.

More in details, each PPR-48 consists of 48 mini-reactors (“cells”) grouped in 6 arrays (“modules”) of 8 cells. Each cell has an operational volume of 5 mL and allows a polymer yield up to 200mg, with on-line monitoring of the main polymerization parameters (T, P and monomer conversion rate). The chemical and process conditions can be individually set for each cell, with the only restriction of single temperature and total pressure values for a given module.

The two PPR-48 polymerization platforms are integrated with our polymer characterization techniques (GPC, NMR and CEF), for which more details are available here.

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