Xplore partners with Norner

Xplore and Norner join forces to bridge the gap between catalyst High Throughput Screening (HTS) and application development of polymers.

The present and future demands from polymer producers and catalyst manufacturers call for a highly integrated service offer, addressing each step of the polymer value chain with multiscale approaches, ranging from testing of novel catalysts at very small scale to the processing and application testing of real-size polymer prototypes. In this context, Norner and Xplore have decided to establish a partnership to combine the long-term experience in catalyst and product development at bench and pilot scale of Norner with the HTS technologies mastered and operated by Xplore.

The HTS workflow operated by Xplore aims at catalyst screening, process basic optimization and identification of the main process/catalyst/polymer relationships. However, by its own nature, HTS represents the ideal approach for lead finding, which then needs to have the proper follow-up in upscaled conditions. As matter of facts, the development and implementation of a catalyst system do require testing in more commercially relevant conditions in order to fully understand both the fit to the reactor systems and conditions and how the resulting polymer perform in processing and applications.

In this context, Norner has been developing catalysts and polymers along with solving problems by scaling polymerization down to litre and kg scale in bench scale reactors for more than 40 years. At this scale, they can effectively and with low risk operate in a much wider process window than in pilot plants and full-scale production units and mimic a variety of olefin polymerisation technologies. Producing 0,5 to 5 kg polymer per experiment makes it possible to carry out full characterization and application testing of the polymers, giving relevant data for introduction of new grades in commercial scale. Additionally, they offer via IP legal experts preliminary IP and FTO (Freedom to operate) studies in connection to catalyst-, process- or product development.

We strongly believe that the industrial R&D experience of Norner combined with the scientific expertise of Xplore will create significant value to our clients. By unifying the two workflows, we will offer a streamlined and highly integrated workflow which will enable efficient, reliable and market relevant catalyst- and polymer development services for catalyst manufacturers and polymer producers.

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