Our team is expanding

We are very happy to welcome three new team members to consolidate and strengthen our scientific and technology service offer.

As part of our growing process, we had the pleasure to welcome three new team members (Claudia Cioce, Geremia Schiano Moriello and Simone Baldini). This is in line with our declared intention to become the preferred  supplier of povider of scientific and technical services linked to the application of High Throughput Screening tecniques to olefin polymerization catalysis.

Claudia started with us in July, backing and supporting the management and execution of project using our HTS workflow. With a PhD in polymer chracterization (under the superivsion of Prof. De Rosa), she will set new standards for the analytical part of our HTE worflow, with special emphasis on physical, chromotografic and spectroscopic analysis. Furthertmore, her industrial experience on film extrusion technology will facilitate the connection between our catalyst-oriented workflow and the material applications.   

Geremia started with us in September as service enginerer and, with multi-year experience with HTE platforms gaind in Prof. Busico's LSP team, joined the support team to provide service, support and development of HTS workflow for our customers at thier own location. Based in Naples, he ensures also an immediate technical support for our internal operations. 

Simone has just started with Xplore as lab technician and - thanks to a multi-year experience with HTE platforms gaind in Prof. Busico's LSP team - will support our team based in Naples for the execution of HTS project (platform preparation as well as sample characterization). 

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