HTExplore becomes Xplore

A new phase starts, with a step-change in our growth ambition to develop and diversify our service portfolio.

We are excited to announce that as of 20 September 2021, HTExplore s.r.l. has officially become Xplore s.r.l., with a new website, email contacts, logo and graphics.

The cease of the “academic spin-off” status (with which the company was founded in 2013) and the freshly announced structural partnership with Norner AS (news here), were for us the opportunity for a deep re-assessment of our goals, targets, strategy, and growth plan.

While keeping in mind that our success will be connected to the exaltation of our history, we believed that a tangible discontinuity with the past would be necessary to fuel our ambitions of growth and developments. In this context, the choice of the name, website structure and graphical elements (visually resembling Norner’s ones), was carved on few, but well-distinguishable, pillars: simplicity, clearness, and integrity. Those elements are – shall be- representative of our entire action, qualifying our renewed commitment towards our customers and stakeholders.

More than just a company rebranding, we are convinced that this new phase will create tangible added value for our present and future customers, and we very are eager to prove that!

Any other Company references has not been changed.

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